• Telecommunication Backstay Pole
    Telecommunication Backstay Pole
  • S8U S8UT Telecommunication Anchor Systems
    S8U S8UT Telecommunication Anchor Systems
  • B6U B6UT Anchor Systems
    B6U B6UT Anchor Systems
  • Power Distribution Pole Guying
    Power Distribution Pole Guying

Utility Industry

Platipus have a selection of standard Percussion Driven Earth Anchor systems (PDEA's®) suitable for a range of applications including guying pole lines / stays for new or refurbished Electricity and Telecommunication distribution networks, power line crossings, replacement towers and conductor restringing.

No need for excavation or working in deep un-shuttered holes. All Platipus anchoring solutions can be rapidly deployed directly into undisturbed soil and immediately proof tested to an exact holding capacity using simple lightweight portable equipment.

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