Peruvian ave Streetscape West Palm Beach, fl

Client: City of West Palm Beach
Landscape Architect: Sanchez and Maddux, Inc.
Landscape Contractor: Arazoza Brothers

Project Specification:

Recent renovations of the 400 block of Peruvian Avenue in West Palm Beach have given the
two lane road a more residential, community atmosphere. The 1.3 million dollars of infrastructure and streetscape improvements added 3.5 feet of planting area on both sides
of the street, historic style street lighting and seashell embedded sidewalks. Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems were used to stabilize 31 ylang-ylang trees, 18 coconut and 8 royal palms assuring that the area stays pedestrian friendly for its local residents.


Tree Anchoring System: RF3P4LEG                                                                                     4 x S81 anchors, 2 x 26’ of galvanized cable, 2 x ratchet tensioner & 4 x Plati-Mats.           

Quantity: 26


Tree Anchoring System: RF2P                                                                                             3 x S61 anchors, 16‘ 6“ of galvanized cable, 1 x ratchet tensioner & 3 x Plati-Mats.                  

Quantity: 31,-FL-02.jpg

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