Navy Pier - Chicago

Client: City of Chicago
Landscape Architect: James Corner Field Operations
Landscape Contractor: Christy Webber Landscapes

Project Specification:

Navy Pier is one of the Midwest's most visited sites and is one of Chicago's top tourist attractions. The pier boasts shopping and dining options along with a botanical garden, a ferris wheel and many seasonal activities. Restricted space, extreme wind gusts off Lake Michigan and high pedestrian traffic made subsurface tree anchoring a necessity.

To alleviate stability and safety concerns on the pier, 100 Marmo Maples were secured using the Platipus Deadman Rootball Fixing System. The system provided a fast and efficient method of securing the trees, by their rootballs, in an urban environment resulting in the safe and natural appearance desired by the project owner.


Tree Anchor System: Deadman Fixing System
RF2RDMP x 51 
RF3RDMP x 49

Quantity: 100

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