Vinyl Sheet Piling for Sea Wall, Wanchese, NC

Client: Harry Shipman, Homeowner
Main Contractor: Total Marine Services, Wanchese, NC.

Project Specification:

Harry Shipman was building a new residence along a salt water channel off the Sound along Roanoke Islands West side. The lot was wooded with nice pine trees and wanted a low impact solution to tie back his new vinyl sheet piling wall.


In lieu of a concrete dead-man which would have destroyed many of the trees Platipus Anchors were driven 16' deep on a 20 degree down angle. The anchors were loadlocked and certified to hold 12,000 lbs.

Anchor System: B06TC spheroidal graphite galvanized iron anchor c/w 6m of 12mm Ø grade 316 stainless steel wire tendon, 12mm stainless steel wedge grip, and stainless steel load plate.

Quantity: 250

Anchor Design Life: 50 Years

Soil Type: Sandy Silt

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