• Crop Protection
    Crop Protection
  • Orchard Anchoring
    Orchard Anchoring
  • East Malling Fruit Safety System
    East Malling Fruit Safety System
  • S4V1S S6V1S Anchor Systems
    S4V1S S6V1S Anchor Systems
  • Platipus Anchor System End Post Kit
    Platipus Anchor System End Post Kit
  • Vineyards Anchoring
    Vineyards Anchoring
  • Platipus End Post Kits
    Platipus End Post Kits

Agricultural Industry

Technology in the vineyard and fruit growing industry improves with almost every harvest. The anchoring point and end post kit for any trellis, soft fruit or crop protection system is usually the most important part of the structure.

To meet these demands Platipus have developed a range standard anchoring systems using a superior grade stainless steel wire ideal for new establishment or general maintenance. The result is quick to install anchor systems, with an ultimate load up to 2000kg and a 25 year design life depending on ground conditions. In addition we can also offer a range of flexible end post kits suitable for metal or wooden post and all budgets.

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